The Importance of SEO

The Importance of SEO is the ongoing process of ranking a website in the search engines based on a set of given keywords research. Also known as SEO Search Engine Optimization, SEO can take a great deal of time and patience to yield the results you are after. But, once you achieve the rankings you will have something promoting your website 24/7 while you play or work on the other parts of your business. And, it can promote in anytime zone in the world for you. It is a very powerful form of marketing as well. It is targeted and brings the prospects to you rather than you having to go out and look for customers.

The lifeblood of any SEO Search Engine Optimization campaign is keywords. Keywords and keyphrases are the terms people type into the search engines when they are looking for something. If someone is looking for a specific answer to something and your website pops up in the results then you have a good chance of getting a visitor and making a sale. So, that means you need to think like your customers to get that initial batch of keywords to attempt to rank on. Here lies the importance of SEO .

Sit down and come up with a list of words that are related to your business, product or service. You will want to think like a customer. If you are florist your customers may search for types of flowers like roses or tulips. Or, they may search for flowers for specific events like weddings, anniversaries, funerals or other events. Try to come up with a list of 20 words. Then build that list by adding prefixes and suffixes to those words. Going back to the florist example, you can search for “best flowers for wedding” or “affordable florist in Vegas”. Here you are adding buying words and geographic locations. These are known as long-tailed keywords. The search volume is not as high on these phrases, but the impact is greater.

The idea is to find keywords research that are getting a good amount of search volume, but do not have low competition. This low hanging fruit is a good place to start because you can start seeing results faster. Then after traffic starts funneling in, you can start going after more competitive terms that have even greater search volume. However, if you are ranking on these long tail keywords you are probably going to be in good shape. If someone is looking for something generic like “florist” then they could be looking on how to be a florist, for example. But, if they are searching for “affordable florist in Vegas” they are looking to buy.

Importance of SEO is a powerful form of marketing that any business should consider in their advertising arsenal. It puts them in the driver's seat regarding their marketing dollars. Where traditional forms of advertising use a wide net to snag a few customers, SEO search engine optimization baits customers into finding you and your services. And, many times they will be coming to your website looking for answers to a specific problem. If you are providing a service they need at the moment, the buying cycle has just been significantly reduced.

Broad Reach Online Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

According to a study done by the Search Engine Journal, 93% of online experiences begin with a Search Engine. Our Search Engine Optimization helps small local businesses achieve high natural search rankings. All of our search engine optimization is based on thorough research of your target market, your customer’s search behavior, competitor search techniques and on and off-site SEO factors.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing will help you get direct feedback from your customers (and potential customers) while making your company seem more personable! The interactive parts of social media gives your customers the opportunity to ask you questions and feel like they are being heard. Your customers can also learn fun facts about your business, see the services you offer and learn about your specials and promotions too!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Only with Search Engine Marketing can your business achieve instant access to millions of potential customers. With our help, you can get a steady stream of traffic that will be an affordable, effective part of your revenue-building.

Web Design and Development

We specialize in custom websites design and development including websites in WordPress, ASP.Net, Joomla, Magento, etc., that make it easy for your customers and potential customers to find out more information about your business. We also know how important it is for some businesses to manage their store products so we offer eCommerce as well. Our custom sites are responsive to the fact that 32% of Internet usage comes from a mobile device, a statistic that keeps on growing. Our web designs offer a cost effective solution to building a mobile presence for your brand.


Your branded materials are what will visually set you apart from your competitors. We offer unique and eye catching logo design, business card design and of course web design!

WordPress Development

We specialize in developing WordPress sites such as glossy website design, woocommerce, membership and loyalty sites and any kind of portfolio sites.

Content Marketing

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What exactly is a search engine ranking?

When any visitor search with their keyword on Google then the position of your website in search results, that is search ranking. As a successful site, you will be getting lots of traffic from Google and more search engine. So search engine ranking is really important. On page and off page SEO is more powerful for website keyword ranking.

Here I discuss some topics which affect the search engine ranking.

Keyword: Most of the SEO work is done when we write content for our site. Means in this time we search and select keyword for our site. Try to add the main keyword in title, URL, meta keyword and its description. Don’t over optimize your keyword. It is not a good factor for ranking also on page SEO.

Meta tag: it is a vital part of a site because it gives a broad idea to your visitor and search engine about your site. So try to add it to your site’s header tag. Don’t misspell here.

Quality: quality is another great part of your site because it will help you to keep your visitor. Only visitors can reduce your site bounce rate.So try to write quality content for your site and get easily rank in search result. Sorry, here I forget to say that quality is a part of off page SEO.

User-friendly URL: user-friendly means, not like this .Actual user-friendly means SEO friendly. Visitor easily keeps this type of URL name in their mind. So it is also important for SEO ranking.

Do you know What is Link Popularity?

Linking: linking is another part for ranking so through this process you have to do a link exchange, directory submission, here I suggest you don’t collect backlink from low-quality sites because low-quality backlink means spamming. Don’t make over backlink. Internal linking: try to make internal linking with a related post on your site it is important for on-page SEO.

Social activity : in this time social sharing is important so share your post with social sharing and networking site.

Loading: site loading is another part of ranking. First loading site increase rank first

What is Link Popularity

Link popularity can be defined as the number of links that point to a webpage. Link Popularity is an essential factor, used by almost all of the search engines to rank websites. Link popularity indirectly defines the popularity of the website in terms of search engine ranking. If many good websites link to your site, you’ll have a good position in the search engines results relating to your concerned topics.

Keywords alone are not used to rank a website because a great number of websites do have almost the same keywords. Search engines don’t just look at the title, description and keywords of a webpage to determine whether it is a good match for a search but at the links pointing to that site also. Link popularity today is more important than ever, but it must be done right. Thousands and thousands of web pages contain the same keywords (in different combinations) so matching a search term with a page’s content is not enough to build an ordered list of results to a search query and thus link popularity comes into consideration by search engines.One of the first search engines that used link popularity as a key factor in ranking websites was Google. One can check the number of links pointing to a website (link popularity) by querying Google with the search keywords link: most search engines have similar functions for link popularity check. Getting good links to a website is not so difficult as you might think.

There are tools that can help you to get high-quality links to your website quickly and easily. The text contained in the link that point to a webpage is considered as well. If the text in the link that points to a webpage contains the queried keywords, the search engine considers that webpage a better match to the search query on those keywords.

Link exchange partners can be found among websites that offer a good match with the content and the theme of your own website. The major point of consideration should be the website’s theme or topic because search engines give more “weight” to a link from a website that has a similar topic to yours. Websites which have topics that are related to, or complement, to your website’s theme should be considered as your main links swap partners. Establishing a link partnership with another website may appear to visitors as an “association” between the links swap partners. It is therefore important that only those websites should be “associated” that are high-quality and credible.

A website may be benefited in many ways from a good linking strategy:

  • It’ll get more visitors
  • It’ll get higher search engine rankings
  • It’ll get more customers
  • It’ll get more sales